We are delighted to be working with Leigh Community Trust to make Leigh Centurions games open to all fans including people with autism, their family and friends. Leigh Community Trust have worked with a number of autistic supporters who have attended matches and have provided us with their view on how we can be more accessible. As a result we have taken a number of steps:

  • All our Stewards have become ‘Autism Friends’ by undertaking an awareness session, making them more aware of the condition.

  • Autistic supporters can access the stadium via the side entrance gate so that they can avoid the turnstiles if necessary

  • Introduced a virtual video (below) that allows people to get a feel for the stadium in advance of visiting the LSV Stadium on the Leigh Community Trust, Leigh Centurions and LSV website.

  • Ear defenders are available for loan from the designated autism steward (in the green jacket).

  • Introduced more specific information on our website to help supporters to plan ahead

So before visiting a match at Leigh Sports Village Stadium we would like you to be aware of the following information that may help autistic supporters to plan ahead.

Car parking & transport Information

Car parking is available in car parks 8 and 10 and can be accessed from 1.30pm.


If you bring a bag with you to the Stadium you will be asked to show this to a match day steward who will check any items in your bag for security reasons. No food or drink can be brought into the stadium. 


Please be aware that the Stadium is open to the public one hour before kick off.

Sensory Information

Ear Defenders can be obtained from the designated autism steward as you enter the stadium on a first come, first served basis, these should be returned to the steward following a match.

There may be entertainment including loud music and dance acts prior to the match and at half time.

There will be loud announcements on match days before the match and during the match.

There are fast food stalls situated around the Stadium and these can create strong smells of food around the area.

It can get busy on match days and so for anybody wanting to avoid the crowds you may wish to access the stadium at the earliest opportunity allowing time to purchase refreshments before taking your seat.

Please note that the concourse areas can get very busy half an hour before kick off. Taking your seat early will allow the atmosphere to build up gradually and this can reduce overstimulation for someone who is autistic.

Once the match is over many supporters will leave the ground at the same time and so you may wish to either leave the match earlier or wait until the crowd has left the stadium.

More information

For more information on Autism Friendly Wigan please see www.autismfriendlywigan.org