The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to reduce the risk of COVID-19 being spread when fans attend Leigh Sports Village stadium. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect themselves and others. Remember to always act in ways which reduce the risk of exposure and transmission of the virus.

This Code of Conduct must be read and adhered to by everyone attending matches played at Leigh Sports Village stadium until further notice. It applies in addition to the relevant Terms and Conditions, Venue Sanctions and Ground Regulations which are all available to view at This Code of Conduct may be updated at any time as the situation changes and should be read each time you plan to visit Leigh Sports Village stadium.

Should you attend?

  1. Everyone must consider their health, age, and clinical vulnerability before deciding to attend. Visit uk for guidance.
  2. You should not attend matches being played at Leigh Sports Village stadium if you:
  3. a) are required to self-isolate under government guidance;
  4. b) or members of your social bubble/household experience COVID-19 symptoms on the day, or within 10 days, of the match;
  5. c) are required to quarantine under government travel guidance.


  1. Inconsiderate, reckless or anti-social behaviour by anyone visiting Leigh Sports Village stadium will not be tolerated.
  2. Please respect those working at Leigh Sports Village stadium. You must always follow signage and instructions issued by our staff. If you have any concerns please contact your nearest steward.
  3. Leigh Sports Village is co-operating with the NHS Test and Trace system. Your information will be shared with NHS Test and Trace as necessary.
  4. Fans aged 11 and over must wear a face covering when in the stadium, except when eating and drinking. Government exemptions to wearing a face covering apply. We also recommend that face coverings are worn outside the stadium.
  5. Social distancing is a key way to control the spread of the virus. You must comply with social distancing at all times. Be aware of the people around you and give them space.
  6. There will be restrictions on how to move around the stadium and all instructions must be followed.
  7. If you feel unwell, particularly with a cough or temperature, contact your nearest steward immediately.
  8. Maintain good hand hygiene and avoid touching your face whenever possible. There will be sanitiser dispensers provided. If you touch any common areas (for example hand rails) please sanitise your hands immediately.
  9. Observe good respiratory etiquette at all time – cover your mouth to cough or sneeze.
  10. You should make every effort to reduce the risk of airborne transmission of the virus especially in moments of excitement.
  11. It is important to avoid physical contact with other people.
  12. Do not approach anyone (inside or outside the stadium) to sign autographs or pose for photographs.
  13. All payments at the stadium will be cashless (contactless where possible).

Arrival at the Stadium

  1. You may undergo a temperature check before being allowed to enter the stadium. A reading of 37.8°C and above means you will not be permitted entry – you must respect that decision.
  2. You must enter the stadium within the timeframe we communicate to you and this may be significantly earlier than kick-off time. Entry may be refused if you seek entry outside of this time period.
  3. Only named attendees will be permitted entry and adults must be able to confirm this with photo ID. Attendees aged 17 and under without an accompanying adult will require photo ID.


  1. You should go straight to your seat (or hospitality facility) when you enter the stadium. Please do not congregate on the concourses.
  2. We do not anticipate food and drink kiosks being open inside the stadium. There will be concessions outside the stadium which will be open prior to kick off only. You may bring food and non-alcoholic drinks into the stadium but you must comply with the bag policy. Food and drink items must be carried in a clear plastic bag. Plastic bottles must be no bigger than 500ml and lids will be removed. No cans or glass bottles will be allowed. Small bottles of sanitiser (max. 50ml) will be permitted.

Stadium Seating

  1. There will be spare seats around you but to comply with social distancing measures you must stay in the seat allocated to you.
  2. When you need to pass another spectator on the same row (in order to access or leave a seat) you must have the courtesy to turn your back as you pass, in order to avoid close face-to-face contact.
  3. COVID-security requires that everyone must remain seated whilst watching the game. Anyone standing persistently will be ejected.
  4. If the ball leaves the field of play please do not throw it back onto the pitch and try to avoid touching it. A member of staff will come to collect the ball.
  5. Attendees will be able to exit the stadium at any point up until the final whistle.
  6. At the final whistle fans will be asked to remain in their seats while we control exit by row and by section. Re-entry to hospitality areas will also be controlled.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Staggered Turnstile Arrival Times

To assist with social-distancing around the stadium, please observe the turnstile arrival times as listed below when arriving at the stadium

West Stand
Rows L to N, please enter 1 hour before kick off
Rows E to K, please enter 45 minutes before kick off
Rows A to D, please enter 30 minutes before kick off

East Stand & South Stands
Rows N to S, please enter 1 hour before kick off
Rows G to M, please enter 45 minutes before kick off
Rows A to F, please enter 30 minutes before kick off

North Stand
Blocks 4 & 5, please enter 1 hour before kick off
Blocks 2, 3 & 7 please enter 45 minutes before kick off
Blocks 1 & 6, please enter 30 minutes before kick off

If you require any further information, please e-mail or call 01942 487888